Britons’ financial fears ease as inflation dips

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Britons’ financial fears ease as inflation dips
LONDON (Reuters) - Britons are becoming less worried about their finances as inflation eases and employers look more prepared to raise wages, surveys showed on Monday, further fuelling hopes that consumers may lend the fragile economy some support this year.

House prices fall further, but outlook improves
LONDON (Reuters) - House prices continued to fall in the three months to January, but surveyors became much less downbeat about prices for the coming months, a survey showed on Tuesday.

Bank leaves door for more QE ajar as recovery shaky
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s economy faces substantial headwinds despite recent signs of recovery, Bank of England Governor Mervyn King warned on Wednesday, leaving the door to more stimulus slightly open after the bank presented new, higher inflation forecasts.

Top bankers destroy value, study claims
Bankers should count themselves lucky they are being hit by a mere 50 per cent additional tax on bonuses, a report argues, because their benefit to society is negative

Brain study finds what eases pain of financial loss
LONDON (Reuters) - Financial market traders and keen gamblers take note. Scientists have found that a chemical in the region of the brain involved in sensory and reward systems is crucial to whether people simply brush off the pain of financial losses.

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