Lib Dems target the rich in pre-budget gambit

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Lib Dems target the rich in pre-budget gambit
NEWCASTLE (Reuters) - The Liberal Democrats proposed targeting the rich with a “tycoon tax” only days before the coalition government presents the budget, in a high stakes gamble to revive the party’s flatlining poll ratings.

Investors urged to sell before next tax rise
Seven out of ten wealth advisers warn that capital gains tax will almost certainly be raised in a pre- or post-election Budget

Inflation expectations drop to 1-1/2 year low
LONDON (Reuters) - Britons foresee a lower rate of inflation over the coming year than three months ago with inflation expectations easing to the lowest level in 1-1/2 years, a quarterly Bank of England survey showed on Friday.

Permanent jobs grow at fastest pace since May
LONDON (Reuters) - The number of people placed in permanent jobs grew at its fastest pace in nine months in February, a survey of recruitment agencies showed on Wednesday, chiming with a raft of recent news suggesting that the economy is on the mend.

Top bankers destroy value, study claims
Bankers should count themselves lucky they are being hit by a mere 50 per cent additional tax on bonuses, a report argues, because their benefit to society is negative

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